Ann Marie Schneider

#art  #landscape #transdisciplinary

moving beyond discipline-specific approaches 
APPROACH  My work augments, transforms, or reframes processes and latent narratives to uncover the interconnectedness of things. I generally employ methods and constructs we typically use to represent, build, and comprehend our world, such as photographs, geographical or architectural drawing, maps, text, data, etc., to explore the discrepancies between these constructs and actual experience. My work in public and private spaces responds to context, seeks discovery and engagement, and adapts in form and material.  Finished works evoke a sense of discovery, complexity and wonder.

My broad education and experience in fine arts, technology, and landscape architecture encourage cross-disciplinary thinking and methods. My recent work, and published writing, seek to engage the intersections of technology, landscape, and art, with a curiosity about how we can better understand and learn about ourselves, and our changing environment, through transformative and durational experiences.
My two-dimensional work has been exhibited in multiple cities, including Chicago and L.A., while my installations span a broad range of scope and scale in both public and private outdoor spaces, including a sustainability campus in Pittsburgh, a streetscape in Philadelphia and a public park in Seattle.


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Masters of Landscape Architecture; Regional Planning
School of the Art Institutue of Chicago
Bachelors of Fine Arts / Metals and Photography focus
Archeworks, Chicago
Certificate of Collaborative Design
Media Institute of Photography, Lansing, MI
Associates, Photography (Kodak scholar)