Ann Marie Schneider

#art  #landscape #transdisciplinary

moving beyond discipline-specific approaches 

Chatham Garden Gates

Cor-Ten steel gates reveal the hidden geology and hydrology of Chatham University’s Sustainability Campus.

1:1 Cor-Ten mockup with corresponding geologic section.

I was asked by Mithun to propose a pattern and process to adorn the gates that flank a wastewater demonstration garden at Chatham University’s Eden Hall Sustainability Campus.  Inspired by the campus mission and specific site research, I created narratives for two sets of gates, North and South. Both gate designs are data visualizations that map site specific information at scales and depths that are otherwise unseen, revealing its relationship to greater ecological contexts and to scientific means and methods of cataloguing and understanding.

The north gate employs the federal USGS data that logs the reaches of the two watersheds straddled by the campus, which eventually drain to the Gulf of Mexico. The south gate plays with the boring and geologic data to unearth unique strata such as Duquesne coal and the Redbeds that are endemic to Pittsburgh.

Images from top to bottom, left to right:

1. North gate layout and overlaid mockup of reach codes and river names.

2.  Detail of wood mockup for north gates.

3.  Installed gates, image copyright Mithun.

4. Detail of pattern created for back side of gates. 

5. Wood mockup of one of three geologic gate panels.

6. Two of the north gate panels installed.  Image copyright of Mithun.