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Equisetum Returns

Series of monotypes that imagine integrating prehistoric scale Equisetum (aka Horsetail) into the built environment as new structures for decaying architectures.

This work is in progress, return for more....

Foot Notes 350 million years ago, horsetails (genus Equisetum)  reached heights of 50-100 feet.  These ancestors, called calamites, were a key component of lush swamp forests that became coal deposits through millenia of decomposition and alchemy.  They are uniquely resilient,  thriving today at a much smaller scale, in nutrient poor soils created by human development.
Sumi ink, watercolor, and pen/india ink on watercolor paper.
1.  ERMP #8,    9”x12”
2.  ERMP #6.  9”x12”
3.  ERMP #23,  7”x11”
4.  ERMP #21,  7”x11”
5.  ERMP #11.  9”x12”
6.  ERMP #13  9”x12”
7.  ERMP #10,  9”x12”  Currently exhibited at the Rue de Cerise in mid-September at the Good Arts Building:  
8.  ERMP #22,  7”x11”

9. ERCB#1.  India ink, watercolor, and etching.  9”x12” on Clayboard.