Ann Marie Schneider

#art  #landscape #transdisciplinary

moving beyond discipline-specific approaches 

Equisetum Returns

350 million years ago, horsetails (genus Equisetum)  reached heights of 50-100 feet.  These ancestors, called calamites, were a key component of lush swamp forests (Carboniferous plant communities) that became coal deposits through millenia of decomposition and alchemy.  Today they thrive in nutrient poor soils created by human development and are uniquely resilient. 

Birds-eye perspective drawings are commonly used in architecture and urban planning to convey development plans and visions.  This series imagines the return of Equisetum canopies as part of the down-cycling and recycling of cities.

This work is in progress, return for more..

Equisetum Returns #1.  India ink, watercolor, and etching.  4”x8” on 2 Clayboard panels.

Equisetum Returns #2.  India ink, watercolor, and etching.  9”x12” on Clayboard.