Ann Marie Schneider

/ artwork


Site specific installation of shimmering mylar fishing lures used to bring light into the darkest areas of a student housing courtyard.

View of installation from courtyard below.   

Mithun asked me to propose an installation for the courtyard at their new Terry Maple University of Washington residence hall.  Mithun’s building concept played on the parity of light within the interior courtyard by varying the apertures of windows based on their solar aspect.  Thinking of the 5-story courtyard as an aquarium, I sought to draw light into its darkest volumes and began testing fishing lures as the key element for their ability to attract, their weather resistance and their evocation of Seattle’s marine ecology and economy.

The installed mylar “smile” blades shimmered, pulsed and appeared to migrate upstream in response to light and wind traversing the courtyard.  The lines were fabricated in the tradition of marine trolling lines, and anchored to the building face at specific datums relating to it’s darkest areas.    Technical and design advisor, Dorothy Faris of Mithun.

Video of installation is available here:

Clockwise from upper left:

1. Sketches of lure blade types.

2. Sketches and model of line configurations.

3.  Testing line configurations in model 

4.  View of installed lines from residence hall (Image by Dorothy Faris)

5.  Mockup of mylar smileblade lures.

6 & 7. Technical drawings of layouts.