Ann Marie Schneider

#art  #landscape #transdisciplinary

Forging a trans-disciplinary practice that dissolves boundaries between landscape, art, and resilience by fostering thoughtful experiences, positive cultural transformation, and rich ecological futures.
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Photography, datasheets, graphite, thread, chiffon stitched to watercolor paper.

Skin 1775, mixed media.  Detail below.

The skin series explores the layering of the scientific with the natural and visceral.  Photographs of plant material are printed on chiffon and stitched to data tables and drawn geomoetries meant to explain and analyze visual beauty.  

Images from top to bottom, left to right:

1.  Skin 1771
2.  Skin 1777
3.  Skin 1778
4. Skin 1771 detail
5.  Skin 1777 detail
6.  Skin 1778 detail