Ann Marie Schneider

#art  #landscape #transdisciplinary

moving beyond discipline-specific approaches 


Our Geological Survey 

Landscapes embody both the infinitesimal and the infinite and are charged with contradictions and uncertainties that unfold over bewildering spans of time: creation and destruction, order and disorder, expansion and contraction, ancient and urgent. In the midst of this perpetual dynamism humans are notoriously bad at comprehending time and scale, and  valuing our ancestral legacy.  We are short-lived and short-sighted.  

This work, and related series, explore possibilities for visualizing and comprehending deep time through landscape architectures, narratives, sediments, and strata.

This work is in progress, return for more..

(us)GS SeattleBluff #1.  India ink, watercolor and plastic film.  18”x8” on 2 clayboard panels,.

(us)GS JoshuaTree #5.  India ink, watercolor, UPC, and New Yorker on 4”x16” on 4  clayboard panels.

(us)GS  Joshua Tree #3.  India ink, sumi ink, and New Yorker. 8”x18” on 2 Clayboard panels.

(us)GS #3  study.  Ink on watercolor.