Ann Marie Schneider

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Forging a trans-disciplinary practice that dissolves boundaries between landscape, art, and resilience by fostering thoughtful experiences, positive cultural transformation, and rich ecological futures.
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xx Hours Adrift 

xHA is a series of durational prints that capture the  microscopic process of spore dispersal over time.
38 Hours Adrift (1802042-3),” Russula ‘brevipes’ spore print on 11”x15” Arches Card

The xx Hours Adrift (xHA) project utilizes the process of fungal dispersal to create unique printed media that reveal microscopic and otherwise invisible worlds that play out over time. The work is one of several cross-disciplinary projects underway to explore ‘creative engagement with duration’ as a critical concept in furthering the relational, dialogical, and experiential nature of ‘dialectical landscapes’ (see my upcoming article in the Time issue of LA+ Journal).

Detail photographs highlight the architectural textures of the Russula mushroom gills, drifts painted by air currents, and tracks left by tiny creatures that emerged from the host during the printmaking.

Detail images from multiple spore prints in the series.